Scenario Builder has been deprecated and may not work correctly. Try using Graph Builder instead. There's an introductory blog post available.
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Local Scenarios

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To edit a scenario, you can either:
  • Click the 'New Scenario' link to the left to create a new Set
  • Select the Library of scenarios ('View Library' link to the upper right) and download one to edit or view

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{{entry.resource.resourceType}} profile logical


Scenario name
Servers when created
There is a Patient resource in the scenario, but it was not retrieved from the server (ie it's been created locally for this scenario either by you, or by the scenario author if downloaded from the Library).
There is no patient resource. Click here to find or add one from the server.
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Bundle Id

All the resources in the scenario as a bundle
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Current Value

Parent branches created
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DataType/s (click to add data)
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Potential References
There are no resources of a suitable type in the graph
TypePotential resources

ValueSet Binding ({{hashPath.ed.binding.strength}})
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{{hashPath.definition}} {{hashPath.comments}}
{{currentResource | json}}


{{currentResource | json}}

This option allows you to directly modify the resource json. This completely bypasses all checking and the resource can become invalid and unable to be updated via the Structure&Reference tab.You have been warned!

Click the 'Setup' link below to generate the Json text to edit. You can either edit in place, or copy the text from the edit box into an external editor - make the edits - and paste back again. This is likely easier (and safer)

Click the 'Save' link to update the resource from the edit box.

{{currentResource | json}}

Resource Type: {{currentResource.resourceType}}
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Current References

From this resource
PathTarget resource
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To this resource
FromSource path
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Views for clinFHIR developer

This is development information used for debugging. Just ignore it...
{{hashPath.ed | json}}
{{hashPath | json}}

{{iss.severity}} {{iss.details.text}}
{{currentEntry.response.outcome | json}}

Resource Type:




Notes on support of profiles resource types.

There are currently a number of limitations on the support for profiles in the Scenario Builder

  • Only resources created by clinFHIR will work. Others might. but no guarantees
  • Simple extensions only - ie extensions that have only a single value
  • The extension can only have a single datatype
  • The extension cannot be applied to primitive elements (like a string)
  • Only one of each extension type can be in the resource

Model name:

Notes on support of Logical Models.

Resources based on Logical models will be built and saved in the builder, but cannot be persisted to a FHIR server as a discrete resource when that functionity is enabled

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