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These are bundles that were imported to the Visualizer (using the 'Import' link above) and saved to the current data server. Selecting them from the list below will download them from the server, then validate and display them.
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These are queries that have been entered and saved to the local browser cache. Only the query is saved. When selected in the list, the query is executed, and the response (which must be a Bundle in JSON format) is retrieved, validated and displayed. It is possible to specify the server to query (it defaults to the data server). This is particularly useful when the server is developing query functionality as it allows the response to be queried, validated and displayed. Note that the server must support CORS, in particular the headers: Access-Control-Allow-Origin:* Access-Control-Expose-Headers:Location, Content-Location

Adding a bundle to view

The left pane allows 2 ways to add a bundle to the visualizer.
  • A bundle can be pasted in directly by clicking the 'Import Bundle'. Json bundles are processed directly. XML bundles are saved to the Data server, and then retrieved as Json. In either case the bundle can be saved to the bundle list by supplying an identifier.
  • A query can be entered that will call the REST API of a server to return the bundle. The format must be Json and the server must support CORS.
Strategy for determining references between resources

  • If an entry has a fullUrl (preferred), then this will become the id of the resource from the perspective of a reference target. Otherwise the data server root, resource type and resource id are combined to make an absolute url to act as the id
  • If a reference is relative, it is combined with the server root to make it absolute.
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